Are you ready to be a stronger & more explosive athlete?

Offseason baseball workouts... let's make next season your BEST EVER!

(Watch the video for important information)

What is CASA Baseball Club?

(CASA = Conditioning, Agility, Strength, & Arm care)

Baseball-specific workouts - Get stronger, faster, and more explosive with functional workouts designed for baseball players

Workouts created by a certified trainer with experience training all ages... from youth to Major League baseball players

Choose your Track > Bodyweight (minimal or zero equipment required) or Weights (if you have access to gym or home gym (If you want to create a home gym, stand by for a special offer on next page).

Daily Workout Videos for you follow along with (4 or 5 days per week, posted in community group)

Strategically add AGILITY into your strength and conditioning routine

Incorporate ARM HEALTH exercises into your warm ups

Be part of an energized community of baseball players. Better workouts. Better results. More fun. Stronger together!

Do it at home, from anywhere in the world

Pricing info

The price is $75 per session.

Each session is 5 weeks.

OFF SEASON ONLY - 2 sessions are left this off season (because Doug is back to work with the Rockies full time in Februrary)

For those of us who don't like math, that's $15 per week.

You are welcome to do just 1 session, or stay for all 3!

If you join today, you will be charged for the first session immediately.

Then, unless you cancel, you'll be automatically enrolled and billed for the next session in 35 days.

You can cancel any time.

If you wish to cancel, send an email to and then you will not be billed for the remaining 1 or 2 sessions.

If you stay for 2 sessions, there will be a total of 2 charges... one today, and then one before the start of each of the following session.

NOTE - We will be taking a week off for Christmas.

If you choose to continue to workout that week, that's great! There are bonus workout videos you can follow (I guess you could consider it a free week), but I won't be posting live workouts and it won't be counted as one of the 5 weeks of the CASA session.

Do I need to have Facebook?

No, you do not need to have Facebook to get the workout plans and the WEEKLY video of important info and modifications.

HOWEVER, the community experience and DAILY follow-along workout videos will be in a Private Facebook group.

What age is this for?

With proper adult supervision and medical authorization, athletes as young as 10 years old can benefit from learning proper form, good habits and overall improvement in strength, conditioning and agility.
And parents, you're welcome to join in too!

How many weeks is each session?

5 Weeks

How many sessions can I sign up for?

This is for the 2020 - 2021 OFF SEASON ONLY ***maximum of 3 sessions***

If enrolled, you'll be billed automatically before each 5-week-session, unless you notify us that you wish to cancel. If you do not wish to continue, just send an email to and all future billing will be cancelled.

Where is this happening?

CASA Baseball Club is an online resource & community.

That means you can join and be part of the experience from ANYWHERE in the world, as long as you have internet!

Do I need special equipment?

This is explained better in the video, but the short answer is no.

When you join, you'll have access to 2 options... (1) Body weight track; or (2) If you have access to a gym or home gym, you can choose the Weights track

Please watch the video above for important information

Who are the instructors for this program?

The workout plans are created by NATE SMOCK - Who is a certified trainer and expert in sport-specific training for all ages. He was mentored by world-renowned trainer Loren Landow, and has personally trained multiple Major League Baseball players, including Doug Bernier during the last 5 years of his pro career.

DOUG BERNIER - Doug is a former Major League baseball player and the founder of PBI. He's also a full-time member of the Colorado Rockies Major League staff, with the position of Game Plan Coordinator.
Doug is the host of this event and will be demonstrating the workouts and actively running the online community.

What about the holidays?

A note about the Holidays - We will be taking a week off for Christmas.

If you choose to continue to workout that week, that's great! You'll have everything you need to do so (I guess you could consider it a free week) But I won't be posting live workouts and it won't be counted as one of the 5 weeks of Session 2.

Better workouts. Better results.

More fun.

Let's get stronger & faster together!

Are you looking for that extra edge next season? Fill out the form below to enroll, and let's make next season our best ever!



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